About Us

TAXITIME is the new service on transportations

The new taxi cooperative, which came out of the old cooperative, after months of preparations is in place to announce that TAXITIME is here! A significant service that came out from the experience of time which combines trailblazing ideas to release new dynamics in transportations.

Main Goals

  • The development of a new service which will open new horizons in transportations, reciprocate at most to the modern demands.
  • Fulfilling our customers’ needs with flawless organizing and high level of pleasure.
  • The overcoming the limit of max 5 people transportation at once.


TAXITIME has a lot of advantages to offer such as:

  • The ability to service groups,
  • The abrogation of the extra charge for a taxi call (you pay only the value of the route),
  • The ability to call a taxi through mobile app that detects which taxi is closer to you checking the rating of the driver from other users,
  • The ability to provide an interpreter for English, German, and Russian language,
  • The ability to provide extra safety means for children during the transportation (booster seat),
  • With high standards renewed fleet,
  • With combining high level of services, easy access through mobile apps and our 9-seat and 8-seat minivans we secure your fulfilment at a high standard ,
  • We are advertising Kastoria as in economic crisis openness and innovation are something necessary and fruitful.

Who compose the company

The company is composed by young and older taxi drivers combining vision with experience.

Organizational innovations

  • We provide internet and tablet in our 9-seat and 8-seat minivans giving the opportunity to businessmen to keep in touch with their business.
  • We connect Kastoria with other destinations with attractively priced services.
  • We are with you 24/7.
  • We provide modern services and comfort to all our customers, through the whole route, within the same level with the international standards.