The first taxi came to Kastoria at the beginning of 1930’s, back then every car had, except the driver, an assistant, since the cars back then where unpractical and with a lot of demands.

The assistants job among others was to place “stops” on the wheels because the brakes were unreliable, but also to fill the cooler with water for overheating engines was something common back then.

  • 1950 Armenis
    1950, Armenis
  • 1958 Taxmatzidis
    1958, Tachmatzidis Stathis
  • 1958 Nikitidis
    1958, Nikitides Ioannis
  • 1972 Ekdilosi Somateiou
    1972, Cooperative event
  • 2006 Agios Xristoforos
    2006, St. Christopher celebration

Taxi at its first years was a transportation mean mostly for sorties, weddings, baptisms and other festivities.

The conditions under which the first taxi drivers worked, especially at the winter, where very difficult because there were a lot of routes to the mountains that surrounds the city.

  • Mertzanidis
    Mertzanides Petros
  • Pasxaloglou
    Paschaloglou Athanasios

So... Let’s meet some of those who started the taxi in Kastoria.

  • Piatsa
    The taxi centre
  • Totonidis
    Totonides Paraskevas
  • Dimitriou
    Dimitriou Vasilios
  • Mpinakos
    Mpinakos Leonidas
  • Skenderis
    Skenderis Ioannis
  • Teftikis
    Teftikis Stergios
  • V.K.L.
    Vasiliadis, Kesides, Lianas